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Highlights on the topic subgame perfect equilibria backward induction

Subgame perfect equilibria backward induction is studied under the domain of game theory. One of the most used or you can say common method for depicting the case of subgame perfect equilibria based on the conditions of a finite game is through the process of backward induction.

In this process the last actions of the game are analyzed and based on that it is estimated that what should be the actions that the player having turn in the game should take under the various possible situations so that the utility can be maximized. It is an assumption that the person who is acting the last will be doing these actions and considering the second to last actions, thereby automatically choosing again that move which will lead to utility maximization.

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Information that you must know about subgame perfect equilibria backward induction

The process of subgame perfect equilibria backward induction will continue to a point until a situation is reached when the player actually is at the first move of the game. The methodologies applied are associated with the conditions depicting finite games and when there is perfect information.

Thus you can say that the case of backward induction will not be applicable in those games where either the information is incomplete or the game is imperfect in any sense. The reason for this is because such a process will entail cutting along those information sets that are non-singleton.

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