What Are the Basics of Fraud Deterrence Management?


Fraud deterrence management assignment help can be hard to find simply because the topic can get quite complicated and difficult to explain or understand.Fraud deterrence basically means the identification and removal of factors that cause fraud, be it directly or indirectly. Fraud deterrence varies minimally from remediation, detection and prevention but there is a difference, nonetheless.

  • Deterrence and earlier fraud detection have been often confused as the same thing. This is not true. Fraud deterrence means going through historical transactions to find out what anomalies are and the various non-conforming transactions that took place.
  • Fraud deterrence is basically an analysis of all everything that affects fraud, the procedures and conditions and other factors that play a role with fraud enablers. This is done to determine what could happen in the future given the place, the circumstances and who is operating the process.
  • Fraud deterrence is a preventative measure but to be confused with prevention. All this can be very confusing as you progress and try to understand and get fraud deterrence management homework help from various places online so stick one site and try to understand as much as you can before moving on.

The Fraud Triangle:

When you search for fraud deterrence management assignment help online you will come across one basic element and that is the fraud triangle. This idea was put forward by Donald R. Cressey and Edwin Sutherland in a paper they had written together.

But the idea was named by Steve Albrecht. This fraud triangle analyzes three factors that are generally and most often present in a given situation that involves fraud. These three factors are:

  1. The motive or reason for a person to commit fraud. Whether it was pressure or sheer lack of judgment or knowledge, etc.
  2. The second factor is how the person manages to rationalize the idea of fraud in his head, and how they manage to justify it.
  3. The final factor that you will come across when you look up fraud deterrence management homework help is the kind of situation or opportunity that a person is presented with to commit fraud.

All of these points are very essential when one is trying to understand fraud deterrence. For a few people it takes a couple of extra readings to fully grasp the concepts but it is not a totally confusing and complex theory or idea to figure out. This is especially the case if you go to the right place for fraud deterrence management assignment help.

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