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Forwards: Understanding the concepts

Forwards are contracts between two parties that layout when and how many currencies will be exchanged between them. It a special type of transaction that takes place in future. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t happen on any exchange and a standard amount of currencies aren’t exchanged between them, as is the case in other types of transaction.

Some important facts to know

Of course, the future prices cannot be predicted. So both the involved parties, after analyzing the market, take speculative positions. The exporter or seller stays protected; should the price of the currency depreciates, she or he will still get the “locked” amount as pre-determined in the agreement. The agreement is equally beneficial for buyers; they can effectively set their budget and make informed financial decisions to ensure smooth transaction on the determined date.

FX Forwards also have few disadvantages. One, the contract cannot be dissolved, unless mutually agreed upon by both the parties. Regardless the market condition and your financial health, the transaction must happen. Second, if the market moves in any favorable direction, you won’t be able to benefit from it because the rate is fixed.

The Foreign Exchange forwards can be arranged by banks and independent dealers.

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