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Forgotten Your Assignment? Here’s the Escape Route

by Jun 21, 2016Homework Help

Homework is not an exciting thing to do. Still you cannot deny the fact that it is a requirement that has a significant impact on every student’s grades. If you want to score good marks or do well in your class then doing homework on time is the key to success. If you are forgotten to finish one of your assignment, then don’t worry it can happen as you are also a human being. What if you have forgotten your homework, you have some option to avoid any penalties, but the best and foremost of them is not to forget to finish your assignment.
If you did forget to complete your task, then you must be looking for an escaping route for avoiding any penalty or negative grades. There are a lot of ways available for making a variety of excuses from blaming your busy schedule to blaming technology it looks like a plausible reason for not finishing your homework. Here are a few ways that can help you in getting out of this homework scrape.
Be judgmental   
Firstly you are required to use your judgment power. In such a situation you must think about what you should do. Sometimes using good judgment can help you in escaping your penalties as well as contributes to show your sincerity to your teachers. Let’s find out what is mean by using good judgment.
Tell them the truth
Mostly being direct and honest is the best solution. It means that you want to take responsibility of your dead and you are willing to own up. It also shows that you respect your teach and don’t want to mislead them with and made up story or lies.
Explain the reason
It can be possible that you forget to finish your assignment, you fall asleep or got home late you must tell your teacher why you didn’t finish your work. You don’t have to sugarcoat your words just be caution. If you fail to complete your work because of any all-nighters, just say that make it general rather than too precise.
Make an apology
After telling why you neglected to finish your work you must sincerely apologize. Do not polish this part you sincerity behind your apology will impact on how much your teacher understands your reason and want to help you.
Ensure it won’t happen again
After asking for forgiveness, it is important that you must make sure your teacher that this mistake will not be repeated. At the same time, you must ensure that t doesn’t happen in future no matter what happens.
Ask for time extension
You can also ask for another day so that you can finish your homework and submit it. It will show your willingness for doing your work. It will also ensure your teacher that you are not faking anything.
You can’t understand the assignment
Sometimes it happens that you are unable to comprehend what your assignment is all about. This is the reason why you fail to finish your work. You can ask your teacher to help you. You can ask him to explain your assignment and ask for a chance so that you can finish it up.
Be creative
Even if you can’t gather yourself for telling the truth and have to create stories, then you must be creative. If you are making stories, then you must make a good one.
Avoid making bad excuses
One of the most important things that you should understand before you make an excuse for not doing your homework is to prevent making bad excuses. You should not fool your teacher. You are not the only one who is making excuses for not doing your work. In their entire life, they must have heard many reasons as a teacher and may have many as a student in their academic life. While making excuses, you should avoid –

  • Being obvious
  • Blaming technology
  • Pleading ignorance

These excuses are too obvious teacher will know that you are making excuses because you don’t want to do your homework or, you are like those who can do anything to avoid doing their homework.
Try to avoid such situation
If you want to escape from this kind of pressure, then you must avoid getting into such situation. You must start working on your homework beforehand to avoid last minute pressure. It will also give you time to ask for help on time if you are unable to understand anything about your assignment.