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What is foreign aid?

Foreign Aid refers to the resources, money or food lent or given to a country by another country. This is a kind of charity which a country performs to benefit the people of another country. There are many cases of foreign aid in history which will help you in your foreign aid assignment help. Aid can also be provided to NGOs, banks and other organizations all over the world.

The top aid receiver countries are Afghanistan, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Turkey, Bangladesh and Tanzia, and the top aid provider countries are European Union, UK, USA, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Australia. Foreign aid helps in the betterment of a country and it also help people to manage their family. The urgency of a country for more food and medicines can occur due to political problems, war or natural calamities. For more information for your foreign aid homework help can look through

Why is foreign aid important?

Here are some of the points which will help you in your foreign aid assignment help-

  • Foreign aid helps in bringing peace between countries.
  • It is also a sign of humanity towards other countries.
  • War affected countries gets to heal fast.
  • Organizations with no backup plans, gets towards a shut down receives the help from foreign investors.
  • It is important to heal the people of a country who are affected. It is the most important point if you face any foreign aid homework help.
  • Foreign aid is the transfer of resources and money from one country to another thus the country who is providing because a father figure.
  • It helps the provider for future investment.
  • Trust develops between countries.

Types of foreign aid

There are many types of foreign aid; few are in the point’s bellow which may guide you if you need any foreign aid assignment help-

  • Military aid

It refers to the assistance which is given to strengthen the army of a country. This is because of war between unions or nations.

  • Humanitarian aid

It is usually a short-term help, it deals with providing logistics or resources to the people who are affected in a certain country or countries.

  • Faith-based aid

This kind of aid refers to the assistance which originates from a religious nature organization. They basically provide medicines and clothes.

  • Emergency aid

It refers to the aid which is concerned with emergency help provided by one country to another. This assistance basically occurs because of a natural disaster.

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