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Fixed Income Analysis

  • It is the process of and analyzing and evaluating fixed income securities for the purpose of investment.
  • It is also the analysis of price behavior of hedging portfolios.
  • Fixed Income Analysis is also used as an important tool in order to manage the flow of the cash and also to understand the composition of fixed income portfolio.
  • It also helps to estimate that how the changes in the interest rate affect the value of any individual positions or any hypothetical

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What are the keyfunctions of Fixed Income Analysis?

There are some significant functions of fixed income analysis and they are:

  • Analyse Bonds
  • Analyse Risk
  • Analyse Exposures
  • Analyse Performance
  • Analyse Scenarios

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Major features of Fixed Income Analysis

Like its function, fixed income analysis also has certain features, and they are:

  • It is helpful for analytics
  • It is used for the calculations of cash flow
  • It is also used for the summary calculations
  • It is used to detect interest rate sensitivity
  • Last but not the least it has fixed income positions.

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