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What is meant by molecules?

Molecule is usually referred to two or even more atoms that are attached together covalently. The atoms can surely form through same element which is known as diatomic molecules. Atoms also come with significant difference in case of electro-negativity values and therefore produce polar bonds which can otherwise help in developing overall polar molecule.

Our fire II- molecules homework help takes the initiative to make you aware of basic classifications of molecules which may not be mutually exclusive and can surely come up with polar organic molecule or either non-polar molecule.

Different conditions in molecules

You might not be aware of the fact that wood molecules possess high energy molecules. This can surely react with molecular Oxygen O2 that is available in air while forming with low-energy molecules known as Carbon Dioxide and Water. The excess amount of energy finally gets released through wood molecules while forming heat and light.

The reaction that takes place between organic molecules and oxygen turns out to be really slow. There are two important conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to evoke the reaction:

  1. High temperature
  2. Free radicals

Types of combustion

With our fire II- molecules assignment help you will get to know about two different types of combustion:

  • Complete combustion: In this case, burning fuel will only create water and carbon dioxide. The flame appears to be blue and there is need of enough oxygen which gets combines with fuel gas.
  • Incomplete combustion: In case there is lack of oxygen during any chemical reaction, then it is said to be incomplete combustion. Less heat energy gets released during an incomplete combustion.

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