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How acid names are obtained?

Acid names are actually dependent on anion and they can surely be obtained when it is dissolved in water. The base names adopt different rules related to organic, ionic and molecular compounds. There are two different types of acids name.

  1. Oxy acids: While seeking for Fire I- acids and polyatomic ions homework help, you will get to know that it contains hydrogen which is regarded an acid and also need to possess oxygen to create oxy acids. There need to be the presence of a third element which can hold all of them together. Therefore, oxy acids contain three important elements.
  2. Simple acids: It is also known as binary acids which are formed through one anion and one hydrogen compound. Anions in this case usually end with “ide.” Being acids these come with compound name starting with prefix “hydro” and then add up the first syllable of anion. For example, HCL, it is a combination of hydrogen and chlorine and popularly known as hydrochloride acid. Fire I- acids and polyatomic ions assignment help delivers apt knowledge on the acids.

Rules for acids

The complex acids will contain oxygen in their compound. Here you can get to know about few simple rules of these acids:

  1. Fire I- acids and polyatomic ions homework help ensures that you know any kind of polyatomic ion that has suffix with “ate” may use suffice “ic” as acid. Therefore, HNO is known as nitric acid.
  2. With one less oxygen “ate” ion will change into acid and have suffix “ous.” Such as, chlorous acid is HClO2
  3. Having a polyatomic ion with more than one oxygen, than “ate” ion will convert into prefix “per” and suffix “ic.”

Writing formulae for acids

While writing a formula for acid, make sure that the word “acid” is present at the end.

  1. Make sure that you identify whether it is a binary acid or oxy acid
  2. Understand what are the elements or polyatomic ions are included
  3. Crisscross the elements so that enough amount of hydrogen is available to balance

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