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What is Finite impulse response?

The term finite impulse response describes that it is a filter or digital signal filter that has impulsive response of a finite duration. Moreover, it has the value zero in that exact finite time. Filters of FIR can be continuous-time or discrete and analog or digital.

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What are the various filter designs?

Some important designs are as follows-

  1. Frequency sampling method.
  2. Window design method.
  3. Weighted least square design.
  4. FFT algorithms are perfect for filters of Equiripple FIR filters.
  5. Optimal, Equiripple, or Minimax method.

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What are the properties of FIR filters?

The properties are as follows-

  • In case there does not require any feedback, then it indicates that there is not compounded of any rounding error and by summed iteration.
  • Inherently stable property means the addition of finite numbers of some finite multiples. This is the properties and the finite numbers.
  • For sequence of coefficient symmetry this can easily be designed.

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