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Find the Importance of International Trade and Also Its Effects on the Economy

by May 11, 2018Homework Answers

International Trade Homework Answers

The international trade refers to the commercial transaction of goods, services, and capital among the different countries of the world. It is beneficial to the economy of the nation as the citizens get exposed to the various goods and products from all over the world. You can find a lot of products in the global market including a variety of clothes, perfumes, wine, currencies, oil, food and water.
When talking about the international trades, you will come across two important words. They are import and export. Hence, import means the product which a country brings from abroad or an international market. Exporting refers to the selling of a product from your nation to the global market. With the help of this trade, the countries don’t remain limited to using their products. They can also use services from other nations.
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Advantages of trading internationally
For finding international trade homework answers, you first have to get more knowledge on the subject. It will help you to understand the subject and find answers. Hence, check out some of the benefits of global trades.

  • Different variety of products

With the help of international trade, the consumers in a country can get introduced to a range of the goods and services from all over the world. Hence, it will improve their quality of life. It will also result in the development of the nation.

  • Stabilizes fluctuations

The international trades results in the global market. It supports the change in the market by increasing the size of the market with huge demand and supply of the product. Therefore, the price of the goods remains stable.

  • Maintains friendly relationship

It promotes a good relationship with different nations. As the countries depend on each other for economics, the international trade helps in the maintenance of peace and mutual understanding.

  • Increases product efficiency

As there is competitiveness within the countries, each nation aims at improving the effectiveness of their product. They develop different methods for production and try to keep the prices moderate so that they can compete in the market. Hence, if they increase the production and decrease the rate of the goods, it will result in the increasing standard and gain more profits.

  • Efficient use of the products

When you use the assets efficiently, you can compare the benefits of the products. It will help to avoid wasting the goods through comparative advantage. It can also contribute to allocating the resources efficiently. Therefore, it helps the country to excel in marketing.
Effect of international trade on the economy
The international trade brings a lot of benefits to the country. If the country can utilize it properly, then it can help it to excel in the global market. It increases competitiveness within different countries. The countries try to produce more efficient products so that they can satisfy the customer as well as for surviving the competition in the market.
It is sure that the international trade can help for promoting the growth of the economy. However, it can’t do it all alone. Other things must also be taken care of for increasing growth and prosperity in the country. Some of it includes maintaining the stability in politics, trade policies, social and financial scenario, etc.
Some economists even say that the effect of global trade has benefited the mostly developed nations. According to them, it is unfavorable for the economic growth of the developing countries. They also say that it is adversely affecting the developing as well as the less developed countries.
Other groups support the international trade as they think the benefits are more than the disadvantages. If managed correctly, each nation can gain profits from the global trade.
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