Financial Analysis Homework Answers

Financial Analysis Assignment Answers

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The process of evaluating budgets, projects and businesses is referred to as financial analysis. Financial analysis helps in measuring suitability and performance of an organization. It is this statement that helps in properly analyzing the solvency, the liquidity and the stability of an organization.

It also helps you to understand if the condition of a company is good enough to be invested. The financial analysis of an organization helps you to know about the cash flow statement, the balance sheet and the income statement. With the help of financial statements you are also able to determine the projects and budgets of an organization.

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Why are financial statements important?

The financial statements are important due to a number of reasons. You can go through the discussion given below to understand it better:

  • Holds shares of an organization

Shareholders own a particular organization. These shareholders often have to take decisions whether they want to continue holding shares of a particular organization or want to sell it out. It is with the help of these financial statements that shareholders will be able to understand financial position of a company and then take decisions accordingly.

  • Plans and decisions

Major decisions of an organization are taken by the management of a company. They help in making a proper plan and also formulate certain policies that will help an organization to grow. Financial statements help management to evaluate performance of an organization and so these statements are also very important for company management. If you are a student of finance and not able to understand this concept then you can surely get financial analysis homework answers from a reputed agency.

  • Extension of credit

Creditors provide loan to organizations. Financial statements help creditors find out if loans can be extended or whether they should demand for a higher rate of interest from the company.

  • Investment decisions

Financial statements also help investors take important decisions about whether they should invest in an organization or not. Investors are those people who have extra capital with them. So these people often tend to invest in certain profitable opportunities. Important decisions about whether they want to invest in the shares of a particular company are taken, based on these financial statements.

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