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Here are Some Details about the Quantitative Methods of Financial Forecasting 

One of the most important features of good organizational management is planning for the future.This is a very important aspect for every organization regardless of its size. This entire planning is referred to as forecasting. This forecasting includes some of the most important factors like expenses, investment as well as profit and also the volume of sales.

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Methods of the financial forecasters

In order to arrive at proper estimates,financial forecasters apply a number of methods, and two most common methods are quantitative and qualitative methods.

The qualitative techniques are normally used in those places where there is no historical data available, and if historical data is present, then quantitative methods are applied.

Various Quantitative Methods

  • Reference class forecasting

In this particular class, you have to predict the results of an action that has been previously planned. This is normally based on results of similar scenarios in different times and places. Here you arrive at certain predictions, and these predictions are purely based on the judgment of humans.

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  • Executive opinions

In order to make certain predictions the opinions of some of the most eminent personalities are taken into consideration. Opinions of purchase, sales, and the operation managers are taken in order to predict the future.

  • Delphi Technique

In this technique, certain experts are asked to answer question papers, and this method continues till the opinion list is narrowed down.

  • Salesforce polling

There are certain companies which believe that the sales persons are in direct touch with the consumers and so they will be able to provide a lot of valuable information. It is for this reason that they conduct sales force polling.

  • Customer Surveys

A number of times it happens that the customers arrive at certain solutions after making the customers fill up the different survey forms.

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