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Finance Connect

Here Is a List of the Features of Connect FinanceΒ 

Finance Connect helps you to access quizzes and homework. It also helps you to utilize the different ebooks that are media rich. It also helps you to speed up the learning process by using the pre-requisite materials. Finance connect helps you to get a digital solution to all the Finance related issues.

Connect has a seamless partnership with Finance courses and allows both students and instructors to go beyond print world. You are able to go to a digital world and are able to deal with all Finance related issues most confidently. But it has been observed that students do face problems understanding some of the Finance topics. So our agency ensures that we provide students with all the help that they require.

Features of Connect Finance

There are a number of features of the Finance Connect. If you are interested to know about them in details you can go through the discussion given below:

  • There are assignable video series:

Apart from three questions there are also animated and assignable videos. This will help students understand important objectives. These videos continue for about 2-5 minutes.

This helps those students who are interested for an additional video outside their studies. These videos also help students to concentrate more. The videos are available with personal finance titles and also corporate finance.

  • Presence of excel simulation problems

These help students to practice their knowledge of excel sheets within the context of investment and corporate finance. There are a number of questions present here. These questions features have both narrated and animated help.

They also show a number of tutorials which are important for students. There is also an automated grading and feedback system. This rates both teachers and students. These excel simulation problems are available with investment titles, MBA corporate finance as well as corporate finance.

  • Personal financial plans are there in connect

There are also certain auto-gradable and assignable plans that correlate with some parts of the text. Here the students normally go through different case studies. After doing a detailed study of these cases students apply those concepts that they have learned much before.

  • Prep Courses

There are a number of preparation concepts present in Finance concept. To teach the basic concepts of excel, accounts, statistics, maths and economics teachers take the help of animated tutorial modules. There are also quiz questions that help in teaching these concepts to students.

The instructors make use of the prep courses to make students practice all finance related topics. This practice ensures that none of the students are left behind.

  • There are also certain end of chapter materials that are assignable

Finance Connect helps students to learn all the important topics quite efficiently. Students are provided with regular feedback as well as practice materials. There are certain gradable and assignable content at the end of each chapter. These contents help students to solve different Finance related problems and then apply those concepts in Finance.

  • Algorithmic Versions

There are also certain algorithmic versions which help students to practice problems a number of times. These help students to get a better understanding of the problems. These are auto-graded exercises that make use of different numeric problems.

The problems are same but numbers vary each time. This also prevents cheating because each student gets same problems with different numbers. So answers to each question will be different.

But in spite of the facilities provided to students here they often require help doing their finance assignments. At we provide students with the necessary guidance that they require.

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