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Both finance and accounting are the prime subjects in the field of commerce. The hardships in their theoretical concepts often make it difficult for students to digest them. It is where they need some external guidance in the form of finance/accounting functions homework help for a better understanding of the matters.

Functions of finance and accounting are no way easy in the field of business studies. All the functions and roles in finance and accounting are crucial for a firm to succeed. The functions include everything from management to control and even preparation of investment plans to take major decisions. Hence, a proper study of the finance/accounting functions is needed to grasp hold of all its components.

A quick view on functions of finance/accounting

Finance finds its usage everywhere; be it marketing, human resource development or production areas. Hence, a finance manager has the supreme importance of all business activities. The close connection between finance and business development makes the functions of a finance manager more prominent. The various classifications of finance/accounting functions or the financial decisions taken are-

  • Investment decisions-

it is also known as the long-term asset mix decision as it involves the future interests of the firm.This is again divided into two broad categories namely,

  • Long-term investment decision-

They are basically designed for the future and more concerned on meeting the needs in the long run. The decisions taken are usually irreversible, and hence proper care is needed to be taken as any change might result in substantial loss.

  • Short-term investment decision-

They are generally known as working capital management and plays an important role in the proper utility of fixed assets.

  • Finance decisions-

It is the pattern of financing that generates the funds in a particular firm. A firm is believed to make a profit when the stake holder’s wealth is in maximum proportion hence it acquires the need for proper designing.

  • Dividend decision-

It is the dispensation on the part of a firm’s earning that is rewarded to its stakeholders.

  • Liquidity decision-

The management of capital assets that is more concerned for short-term survival. Higher liquidity is directly proportional to a company’s profit. Hence, the proper decision is a mandatory requirement.

The problem area

The various aspects of finance/accounting functions are sure to steer up your head while accumulating the concepts. Understanding the close connection between the two topics and is the most common problem faced by a lot of students. Hence, they search for a reliable source of finance/accounting functions homework help.

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