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The union of two different sexual reproductive units called gametes is referred to as fertilization. Two gametes are in haploid form and they are then transformed into the diploid form of the zygote.

Process of fertilization

The first step is fusion of gametes membranes that helps in formation of a particular channel that further helps in the passage of materials from one cell to another. In advanced plants this fertilization process is preceded by pollination. During this process the pollen tries to establish a contact with female gametes and finally gets transferred.

In advanced animals fusion occurs before penetration of egg by using a single spermatozoon. Due to fertilization a cell called zygote is formed. This zygote is quite capable of going through a cell division that helps in formation of a new individual. These fertilization concepts are quite difficult to understand and so getting fertilization assignment answers from a reputed agency is extremely important in this case.

Human Fertilization

The union of sperm and egg that helps in forming a fertilized egg called zygote is referred to as fertilization. But human fertilization is quite complex and involves a number of steps. When students do assignments on this topic, they often get stuck in between. In all such cases getting fertilization homework answers of the highest quality is what is required.

Steps of human fertilization

The fertilization of human beings starts with the menstrual cycle of women. It is this cycle that prepares the women’s body for fertilization. During this time, there is an egg cell released into fallopian tube and it is inside this tube that fertilization occurs. At the time of intercourse a man ejaculates and discharges semen inside the vagina of women.

In a single ejaculation there are as many as 150 million sperms present in semen. These sperms travel through the fallopian tubes and finally meet eggs. However it is important that sperm meets eggs within 24 to 48 hours of the release. If it does not then it will die. As much as 85% of sperms do not have the required structure that enables them to travel. Only about 15% of sperms have the capability to complete their journey. Chemical signals are given by cervix and vagina and it is these signals that actually guide these sperms to cervical mucus and finally to uterus. The uterus is also called womb and after fertilization the baby develops in this womb.

It is definitely true that understanding the different conceptions of fertilization is note easy and students find it really difficult to complete their assignments all by themselves. It is for this reason that getting fertilization homework answers from a reputed agency becomes so important.

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