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Fearful of Statistics Homework? 5 Steps to Ease the Process!

by Aug 22, 2016Statistics

What do you do when you have to deal with a fearful yet mandatory subject? I used to sleep, though that didn’t help me at all, instead made the situation even worse. Like you, I was quite afraid of statistics. I wonder how some student’s can manage to learn it!
“Let fear be a counsellor, not a jailer.”
Anyway, you have no other alternative; but you can definitely learn the tricks to ease the process.
5 steps to easily learn statistics

  • First, relate statistics with everyday life:

As long as you will read the subject blindly, you won’t be able to get anything out of it. Statistics is something that you can relate to daily life. Be it at the grocery shop or voting for the right politician claiming his good deeds, its statistics everywhere. Make it simple, relate to it and try to assess your judgement.

  • Second, give time to this subject daily:

Make sure to include statistics in your daily reading schedule. If you skip it often, you may stay quite a step behind. However, missing one day in a week won’t affect much. Go slow but steady.

  • Third, don’t skip your class, especially in first month:

First month is very crucial when it comes to statistics class. Because most of the basics are taught in the beginning.Once you get the idea, it won’t make much difference skipping a class later.

  • Fourth, MS Excel can help you a lot:

Excel is indeed effective. You can make your graphs and charts in Excel. The benefit is that you can see the change of effect on graphwith different inputs by easily changing them.

  • Fifth, but not the last, your homeworks:

This is another big trouble, isn’t it? Here you are juggling to learn; there your teacher is burdening you with homeworks. The best way out is to take time and finish it. Donot make the common mistake to keep it for the last night. Start working on it from the very day it has been assigned. Learning will be easier.
“I know statistics is all about data. What has adefinition to do here?”
And you ignore the definition. If you are going by this concept, that’s a big mistake. Definitions are equally important as without understanding them; you cannot proceed with statistical evaluations.
Take for instance; you don’t know what means to“crack an egg.” How are you going to fry it? That makes it all.
Taking guidance is another option you have
What you cannot ignore, learn to understand it with all possible options. Even after the above five tips if it’s still difficult, probably you need help and guidance.

  1. Your teacher:

She is the best person to help you out. Talk to your teacher in school or your private tutor regarding your problem in statistics. They have expertise in the subject and can efficiently solve your problem.

  1. Parents:

We are often of the opinion that parents know less. Not exactly; especially when you are dealing with a subject relating to practicality.Parents can guide you with real life experiences making you understand clearly.

  1. Homework Help services:

These companies will not only make your learning easier, but also help you with your assignments. They have a team specialised in a variety of subjects other than statistics to guide you with your homework at minimum budget.
Dos and don’ts of learning statistics

  • DO NOT MEMORIZE. Finding a shortcut by memorizing the formulae will land you in trouble. Try to gather knowledge about the concept. Years later, formulae will be on textbooks, but poor concept cannot be recovered.
  • Do not punish yourself with 4 hours of studying stats daily. Do limit the time from 1 to 2 hours for six days a week. Be stress-free.
  • Once or twice in a week, you can call on your 3-4 friends and sit for a group study. The interaction and discussion can help you all to understand statistics better. Allow for some exchange of ideas.
  • If you have aserious problem with mathematics or statistical calculations, you can avail the counselling programmes organised by many universities.
  • Do go through other reference books besides the school’s text. It will broaden your idea and knowledge.

Once you have enhanced the knowledge of statistics properly, you can have an enhancement of ideas as well. Just keep aside your fear, and be brave enough to get over it. You’ll see how interesting statistics is! Good Luck, friend!