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Fail Proof Ways to Become the Best Student in Your Class

by Dec 30, 2016Assignment Help

The goal of every student is to do the best they can and achieve the highest rank in class. Of course, only one person can be awarded that rank. So, how does one make it to the top? They do so by pure determination and consistency.

Focusing on the goal is the only way to bring yourself to work hard every day. Even if the highest rank is not achieved, the effort will place you among the top ranks in class. Every inch towards success is worth all the initiative and endeavor will be rewarding.

If you’re a student struggling to be successful in academics, then read the following. Learn how to apply yourself in the most productive ways in class and at home for rewarding results.

Being a Good Student

  1. Begin from the first day
  • Being the best student does not mean last minute preparation or overnight success.
  • To achieve the highest marks and take part in school activities, you must study consistently and stay ahead of your peers.
  • In order to do this, you must begin studying from the very first day of school.
  • If possible, start going over texts and understanding what is going to be covered in class during the holidays before the beginning of a school year.
  • In-depth studying is not necessary, but introductory classes will be held on certain texts. Read more about the text/author/topic.
  • Look up interesting facts about the topic of study.
  • This will help to boost your interest in the subject from the very start making the process of studying simpler.
  1. Develop your own methods
  • The trick to utilizing your potential is not by following the norm or copying what others are doing.
  • Develop your own methods of studying both in class and at home.
  • In class, find a note taking method that is convenient and easy to understand for you.
  • At home, feel free to experiment with different methods of studying and doing homework.
  • Turn it into a fun learning session. Use memory games, flash cards and even quizzes to test your knowledge and retention power.
  • Choose a comfortable study area.
  • Try and study near a window or an area which has natural lighting.
  • Ensure that the spot is cool, quiet and comfortable.
  • If you’re the restless type and get bored of studying in one place all the time, feel free to switch it up by changing rooms or even studying at a café or library.
  • When studying with a friend, go to their house. A change of scenery helps to power up the brain and be productive.
  • Most students enjoy listening to music while doing their homework. It, apparently, helps them focus on what they’re studying.
  • This is not advised because it forces the brain to concentrate on two things at the same time, thereby reducing your ability to pay complete attention to the task at hand and tiring you out a lot faster than expected.
  1. Pay attention in class
  • This is obviously a very important point.
  • Teachers know what they’re talking about when they say that half your homework can be done by simply paying attention to what is being taught.
  • All homework, tests, assignments, exams, etc., are based on topics that have been covered in class.
  • Paying attention helps to understand difficult topics or subjects.
  • Being aware of what is being taught allows you to ask question and clear all doubts before going home and sitting down to do an assignment.
  • It also proves to the teacher that you’re interested in their class.
  • This makes them more willing to offer assistance whenever it is required.
  • Do not be ashamed to ask even the simplest of questions, for all you know, there are many other students with the same query.
  • If there is a topic that is particularly difficult to understand, ask the teacher about it at the end of the class.
  • He/she may be willing to give you a few extra classes till you’ve fully understood the subject.
  • Actively participate in class activities, group projects, etc. Show your interest in learning more and doing better.
  • This will help in developing many skills like leadership, responsibility, proactive behavior, group participation, contributing to a greater cause,
  • This is one of the best ways to learn how to improve your skills in mathematics.
  1. Prioritize your day
  • Learning how to prioritize your day is crucial once you get a little older.
  • There are certain things that are more important than others, and as a student, studying and homework take the top priority.
  • Do not favorsocializing, going out or playing video games over studying for a big exam or doing homework the night before a deadline.
  • Put off till another time what an immediate concern isn’t for your progress.
  • But do not do this every day. Take time to spend with family and friends.
  • It is best to finish all important tasks, even if it is a bit of research or a half hour of practicing mathematics before relaxing.
  • It is best to study right after coming home from school even though you may be a little tired.
  • This willgive you the entire day to sleep or relax.
  • Study as soon as you get home because you will be in the right frame of mind, it will just be a continuous mode of study. Once this is broken, getting back into a rhythm may be difficult.
  1. Schedule everything
  • Create a daily routine or schedule.
  • Keep track of all assignments, homework, projects, examinations and tests with a schedule.
  • Prioritizing your day will be much easier when there is a fair idea of how much work there is to complete and how much time is available to complete it all.
  • Go beyond a daily schedule with weekly and monthly routine. Never forget another exam or future event with a clear and concise routine.
  • While writing out a daily routine do not forget to make time for food breaks, walks, and a little relaxation.
  • Ensure that you do not burn out. Pace yourself.
  • Start early but do smaller bits of work every day till it is done, but ensure that all work is completed before the deadline.
  • Develop your time management skills through this process. It is extremely useful and mastering it now will definitely help in future endeavors.
  1. Do homework efficiently
  • Doing your homework is a necessary part of school life so put in your best effort to do it efficiently.
  • Follow your schedule as thoroughly as possible.
  • Do a sufficient amount of research for complicated or difficult topics before beginning your homework.
  • Eliminate as many unforeseen problems as necessary by looking up a few more points.
  • Never multitask.
  • Always submit assignments on time. If you’re aware of a factor that may keep you from doing this, tell your teacher in advance.
  • Tardiness is not an appreciated quality for any student.
  • When it comes to subjects like mathematics, practice regularly so that no formulas and theories are forgotten. Do this even when there is no homework.

Follow these 6 points and success will not be very far away. Remember, to set down goals to work towards. Both long term and short term goals are important. One helps to focus on the big picture while the other gets you through every trials and tribulations.

Always keep pushing forward and developing your learning habits as you do so. Each year require more studying and harder work as the syllabus gets more complicated; adjust your schedules and routines to fit these changes.