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A situation in the market that has one dominant seller is termed as a monopoly and the powers exercised by this buyer are the monopoly powers. Due to the absence of any other seller, the dominant seller has all the power to take decisions regarding product pricing, employing, etc. But in actual practice it is almost impossible to have a pure monopoly, instead of at times, there can be two sellers in a market, called duopoly or few specific sellers, the condition termed as a noligopoly. More information on monopoly can be gained by taking myhomeworkhelp.com factor markets with monopoly power homework help.

Several effects on factor markets with monopoly power

The different effects that monopoly power can have are as follows –

  • Fewer options for consumers

In a monopoly market, the complete area has only one seller. Thus the products or services available are only those that are provided by that seller. So this confides the variety for consumers to a limited section. Examples of such situation can be obtained from factor markets with monopoly power assignment help.


  • High pricing of products and services

Due to the absence of competition, the dominant seller in a monopoly often misuses his powers and marks his products or services at high prices. The consumers on the other hand, due to no option available have to compromise with the high pricing.


  • Restriction in the production quantity

Due to the dominant position, monopolist sellers also control their productivity so that they can increase the demand for the product which can, in turn, increase the price of the product. More information on how sellers limit their production quantity to increase their product prices can be gained by taking factor markets with monopoly power homework help.


  • Consumers have less information about goods and services

Often in a monopolistic environment, the seller has more information about his products and services whereas the consumers know very little. This aspect makes it very easy for the seller to exploit his consumers due to their lack of information.


  • Inefficiency in production

In a monopolistic situation, the seller does not have any competition due to absence of other sellers, this, in turn, reduces the production efficiency of the seller as he is not afraid of his competitors. Details about how monopoly can affect production can be taken from factor markets with monopoly power assignment help.


  • Inefficiency in allocation

In general markets, the pricing of the products and services is made as per the market situation, but in monopoly, the market belongs to the monopolist and setting prices I completely his call. Thus at times prices quite higher than normal are set in monopolise markets.


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