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Export pricing:

Export pricing is what you charge for your products from the customers. At the time of fixing the price you need to have an understanding of the demand, cost and competition of the market.

Determining the price of export:

There are some factors that determine the pricing of export. These are mentioned below:

  • Credit offered.
  • Frequency of purchase.
  • Range of products offered.
  • Prompt deliveries in supply.
  • Unique value goods.
  • Specialty value goods.
  • Sales promotion and aggressive marketing.
  • Brand image and product differentiation.
  • Presumed connection between quality and price.

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Different prices for different markets:

  • Products price are different in different markets. At the time of setting the export price you have notice properly to which place you are going to supply the price. Before fixing the price you must make a research in that market area.
  • You should have proper information about the export price of your competitors. You price may differ from competitor’s export price.
  • All information about the export price of your product should be collected before taking decision about your export price.

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