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Explore Some Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework

by Apr 20, 2016Homework Help

Are you finding Some Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework? You must know that homework is very important to do. Students get homework regularly. But, they cannot do it every day. Sometimes, they do not find any attraction in it. They want to play with their friends instead of doing homework. This is very common because always students do not want to do their task. For them, I have some Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework. They can tell these excuses to the teacher to protect them from getting the punishment.
Some Funny Excuses For Not Doing Homework:

  • Kidnapped by the terrorist:

Students can tell that they were kidnapped by the terrorists. After sometime, they were releasedbecause they requested to the kidnappers for several times. So, they did not get time to do the homework.

  • Father threw it in the dustbin:

You can say that you have gone to the toilet and your father by mistakes threw it in the dustbin.

  • Mother burned the copy:

Students can tell to their teacher that their mother has taken the homework copy and burned it in the flame because she thought that these copies are useless.

  • Pickpocket stole it:

One day, I could not get the time to do my homework because I went to the party. Next day, I told my teacher that I kept the homework copy in my back pocket and a pickpocket stole it.

  • Friend has not returned it:

You can give more Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework. You have to say that you have given your exercise book to your friend and she has not returned the copy.

  • Father has taken it:

Students can make a funny excuse by saying that their father has kept the copy in the suitcase. So, they cannot show the homework.
My English teacher was very good and she always likes to tell me what her students tell her when they could not do their homework. I want to share those excuses to you so that you can understand what you can say to your teachers. But you have to remember that doing homework is a very essential thing that helps the students to improve their knowledge and skill in a subject. So, they should not avoid this. But, if they do not want to do it sometimes they can use these excuses. These are:

  • Got soap in the eyes:

Students say that they got soap in their eyes. So for the entire night they could not see anything.

  • Internet problem:

Their internet speed was down so they could not get the information that they need to write in the homework.

  • Left in the locker:

They tell that they have left it in the lock because they thought this was their old copy.

  • Friends took it:

Students have given to their copy to their friend for help them but their friend has taken the copy and went to another place.

  • Virus in the printer:

They have found virus in their printer. So they could not print out the homework.

  • Father ill:

Their father was ill. So they had to goo the hospital and they did not get the time to do.

  • They were afraid:

Sometimes, students say that they were alone in the room so they got afraid. They were puzzled and did not know how to do the homework at that moment.
All these excuses are given by the students that my teacher regularly faces. I tell all these because to help you. If you use them you can save yourself and can avoid the tension of getting punishments. You can know 10 Best Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework and save yourself.
There is more Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework. You can also use these. These are:

  • Relatives came:

You can tell that yesterday your relatives have come to meet you. So, you could not get enough time for finishing the tasks.

  • Sister has destroyed it:

You can inform your teacher that your sister has destroyed your homework copy because she was playing with you.

  • Virus in the computer:

Your computer has virus problem. So, you cannot do your task properly.

  • Health problem:

You can tell that you had headache last night. So, it is very difficult to do homework with the health problem.

  • Parents were quarrelling:

Students can say that their parents were quarrelling with each other so they could complete their tasks.
Try to motivate yourself for doing the homework:
You have not done your tasks so you are thinking to give excuses to your teacher. But you have to focus on doing your homework. Here, I think that I should give you some suggestions that can help you to focus on your studies so that you do not have to say excuses to the teachers.

  • Make plan:

Sometimes, students have to go somewhere. Because of this, they cannot get the time to do their homework. So, they have to make a perfect plan and here they have to set a time. If they follow the plan, they can do everything and they can also enjoy their personal life. If students follow this rule, they do not have to tell Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework.

  • Do not sit with the mobile:

Mobile distracts our mind. So, you should not sit with the mobile. Try to concentrate on the subject and try to complete the homework very fast so that you can spend your time on other purposes.

  • Take teachers help:

If you have any problem of understanding the subject, you can take the help of the teacher. Proper understanding will increase your interest in the subject.

  • Online help:

Students can alsotake the guidance of the online teachers. They are always available to help the students with their effective study materials.

  • Fix a time for doing the homework:

You have to fix a time and every day you should do your homework at that fixed time. It will make a habit to do your tasks. So, you do not need to give Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework.
You can use these Funny Excuses for Not Doing Homework. If you have any idea you can share with us and you can also tell these tips to your friends.