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What is executive information system (EIS)? It is a specialized management information system which supports senior-level decision making. In this system, dashboard is an interface which represents a graph showing the current status and trends of an organization. Dashboards are called progress reports as well.

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The Purpose of EIS:

EIS is a computer-based system which is used to support senior-level decision making in a company. Why is it so important? Let’s look at an example. Suppose, you are the senior manager of a large organization. There are 48 locations in 22 countries with 60,000 employees. How will you keep track of the things of your companies? You need executive information systems to keep track of things happening in your companies. If you receive our executive information systems and performance dashboards homework help service your conception will be clear.

Components of EIL:

Electronic executive system is divided into 4 components. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Hardware:

Hardware is divided into 4 components.

  • Input data entry devices
  • CPU
  • Output devices
  • Data storage files
  1. Software:

Software is divided into 4 components as well.

  • Database
  • Text handling software
  • Model base
  • Graphic base
  1. User Interface:

User interface is very important in creating EIS. It is a type of machine which makes human and machine interaction.

  1. Telecommunications:

It plays a major role in network information system.

Types of Performance Dashboard:

Dashboard is a user interface which displays the graphical presentation of a company.

There are 3 main types of performance dashboards which are used in EIS. Check them out.

  1. Stand Alone Software Application
  2. Web Brower Based Applications
  3. Desktop Applications


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