Understanding the Term Excretion in Biology and Its Role in Your Body

Excretion homework help provides all kinds of information that help students understand the concept of excretion more precisely. Excretion is very important for a body to function properly. Excretion is basically the removal of the metabolic waste of human body. In human body exhalation, urination and sweating are the three important ways of excretion. Removal of food waste is not excretion but defecation.

Importance of excretion

Excretion takes place in every living thing be it plants or living organism. Excretion assignment help guides you with the importance of excretion. In human beings as well as in animals also faeces and urine are the two types of excretion that takes place. Sweating is also considered as a kind of excretion by which the body emits to extract the extra heat. Since this is preferred as a cooling process, it is very important for the body. Plants get rid of excess water by guttation and transpiration.

Types of excretion

Different animals have different ways of eliminating different nitrogenous compounds. There are basically three types of excretion that can be explained properly with excretion homework help. They are as follows –

  • Ammonotelism – Ammonia is the main nitrogenous waste material in this type and animals which eliminate such wastes are called ammonotelic. These animals are found in aquatic animal groups like coelenterates, sponges, echinoderms, crustaceans, bony fish, salamander and tadpole larvae.
  • Uricotelism – Uric acid as a nitrogenous waste is the main elimination in this type and the animals showing uricotelism are known as uricotelic. Birds, insects, land reptiles, land snails and some land crustaceans fall in this category.
  • Ureotelism – Urea is the main nitrogenous waste in this type and animals showing ureotelism are known as ureotelic animals. This is common in land animals such as whales, rat, seals, frogs, toads, kangaroo, cartilaginous fishes, alligator, turtles and terrapins.

Actual part of urination in excretion above the entire nitrogen-containing waste

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Excess nitrogen when not required to the body needs to get eliminated before it causes problems. Your body takes the additional nitrogen from the amino acid and transform it into a compound, which is called urea. After that it becomes ammonia. This whole process takes place into the liver. Next the urea is put within the blood stream and it is removedby the kidneys from the blood. Thus the kidneys produce the liquid, which is called urine which is eliminated fromour body with a relief.

Urinary disorders

Urinary tract infection is a very common disorder of the urinary tract. Examples of such infections with excretion assignment help makes this term clear for you. Cystitis is a disease where the urinary bladder gets infected with bacteria, causing inflammation. Other such examples are kidney stones and solid salt crystals that form in the urinary tract. Treatments are required to get rid of these stones from the body and reduce the pain.

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