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Exchange rate may be defined as the price of one currency in terms of another i.e. It is the value at which one currency will be exchanged for another. Exchange rate is determined in the foreign exchange market. Foreign exchange market is a market where currencies are bought and sold against one another. It is an over the counter market. Exchange rate is an extremely complicated and at the same time important subject. Students often find this subject difficult to manage and if you too are facing issues doing assignments or homework on this subject, you can get in touch with My Homework help and here we will provide you with the best tutors. And they will make sure that you get good grades in your assignments.

Our experts at exchange rate assignment help say that, spot exchange rate is the rate at which we can buy or sell foreign currency now. Forward exchange rate is the rate fixed today for buying or selling foreign currency later. Both spot and forward rates are known today. They are both determined by demand-supply forces. Accordingly forward rate may be higher or lower than the spot rate. This involves a lot of mathematical calculation, and if you are taking exchange rate homework help from our experts, you will get answers to all your questions related to this topic.

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