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Are you a student of economics? It is obvious that you would come across with new concept and terms while dealing with this subject. Sometimes, it turns out to be difficult for students to concentrate in their class and have thorough knowledge on this subject. Therefore, professional help is always welcomed! delivers exchange and trade assignment help which can be a need for every student.

What is trade?

Trade is actually referred to buying as well as selling of goods and services that can be possible through money. Trade may involve:

  • Transfer of goods and services for money
  • Manufacturers create the goods and move to wholesaler and then goes finally to retailer and ultimate consumer

Exchange and trade homework help would give knowledge about the existence of trade because of:

  • Specialization
  • Division of labor

Trade usually exist between different regions this gives possibility for comparative advantage in production of trade-able community. The size of different region would encourage any kind of mass production and this can help to enjoy advantage of both locations.

What is exchange?

While talking of foreign exchange transaction it can occur over counter and easily sellers as well as buyers can deal. You will never come across with clearing house or central exchange. Some of the participants would have entered into forex market are corporations, central banks, governments, large banks and other financial institutions.

With our exchange and trade assignment help you will get to know that the foreign exchange market can further be divided into different level

  • Securities dealers
  • Large commercial banks

There is a difference between ask price as well as bids in such level.

Types of trade

Trade can surely be divided into two different types:

  1. Internal or domestic trade: It is also known as home trade and it may occur between geographical boundaries of country. It can take place in national and local level. Such trade can further be divided into two groups: wholesale trade and retail trade.
  2. External or international trade: It is also known as foreign trade. Exchange and trade homework help from us would give you knowledge on buying and selling of two or more countries. This trade can easily be divided into three groups: export trade, import trade and entrepot trade.

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