Evolutionary Biology Homework Answers

Evolutionary Biology Assignment Answers

Understanding Evolutionary Biology by taking help from myhomeworkhelp.com 

Evolutionary theory is very important because it is an exceptionally good tool that helps you to understand propensity and heritage of humans. In order to make proper interpretations regarding individuals as well as human society, evolutionary theory makes use of biological, ethnographic and anthropological data.

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Why is evolutionary Biology so important in the field of medicines?

The Evolutionary theory is now applied in the field of medicine as well. This application has increased a lot and new discoveries are being made in the field of medicine. Evolutionary Biology is a basic science that is extremely crucial and has great applications in the field of medicines.

In this subject you get a clear understanding of some very important concepts like pathogen evolution and population genetics. Here you also get to know why this natural selection makes the body vulnerable. This theory helps physicians to know about certain important evolution theories that help them to link up the bits of knowledge that the physicians acquire from different sources.

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Reasons for the growing importance of Evolutionary Biology

  • Provides solutions for H1N1 emerging diseases

There was an outbreak of swine flu in the year 2009 that clearly stated our vulnerability to certain emerging diseases. The abrupt appearance of H1N1 clearly highlights that viruses often emerge as pandemic-causing infections. There are new viruses emerging due to frequent travels that have posed a threat to human health. So understanding the importance of evolution of these theories is extremely important.

  • HIV

Till date there has been no vaccines found that helps in preventing HIV. The most important reason for this is that it is one of the fastest budding entities. In order to find out a vaccine that would prevent HIV it is essential to know the evolution of HIV viruses.

Both HIV as well as SIV has a common ancestor and knowing this definitely helps you to understand the evolution of these viruses. These days’ drug cocktails are being applied to patients who are infected by HIV. If components of these cocktails are periodically switched then it will definitely help in eliminating the virus.

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