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What is ethics all about?

Ethics are basically the moral principles which govern the behavior and conduct of different activities. When we talk about ethics in business then it means the application of moral principles in business practices and corporate environment. Thus, ethics are the set of guidelines that define what all is covered in the right conduct and what is wrong conduct.

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A clear idea how ethics govern the functioning of businesses

The ethics in business originate from the system, people as well as organizational statements. Thus, it comprises of a lot of things like set of values, principles, norms as well as standards that eventually govern the behavior as well as actions of those individuals who are acting on behalf of the business organization. Business ethics can be further diversified into normative zone and descriptive zone.

Various concepts like insider trading, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, discriminative practices, bribery, fiduciary responsibilities etc are all discussed in the topic ethics in business on a broad scale. For example if a business is employing child labor for production activities even when the law refuses the permission to do so then it is unethical activity on the part of organization. If a company is doing something for the betterment of masses like employing the weaker section of society then it is an ethical move.

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