There is an international dimension that has to be developed in case of such social responsibility queries. When certain incidents are considered – cutting of rain forest trees in Amazon, the Ukraine Chernobyl incident or even the Bhopal Gas tragedy, there are a certain group of people who actually benefit from these. For them, social responsibility has no value.

Since ethical standards to a great extent simply vary, it is important to note that in future, this is an important point that will be discussed by various groups. For the uninitiated, problems as lack of proper pay for workers in Europe, Britain, and India are certain important points that will get a national answering in due course of time.

Thus, what is required is a common point of concern to be reached that will benefit all the associated parties and ensure that in future such rules will not be broken by any standards.

A detailed data could clarify the associated problems in detail.

Ethics Across National Boundaries 11

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