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Essence of Commodity Money in Classical Economics Homework

by Feb 20, 2018Homework Answers

Economics is a really useful subject that provides a complete outline about how an economy actually functions and the various factors governing demand, supply, production, distribution, and consumption. If you have chosen this subject, then you must have realized by now that how broad it is in coverage with innumerable concepts and intricate topics.
One such highly important topic in this subject is Commodity Money. The homework questions related to this topic can be really tricky, and that’s the reason you will need commodity money homework help.
What is the concept of commodity money in classical economics?
Until the evolution of paper notes and coins, commodity was used as a medium of exchange, and it was also called as the barter system. Thus commodity money can be said as a medium that derives its actual value from the material that was being used for trading purposes. In the ancient time’s commodities were used as money, and they were traded to get an item of one’s choice.
Various commodities that were used for the purpose of exchange were precious stones, silver, gold, tea, barley, salt, tea, etc. Thus one commodity was traded for another so that exact needs could be satisfied. There were certain problems associated with the usage of commodity money for exchange like the double coincidence of wants, the difficulty in assessment of exact value of a commodity, lack of common unit of value and much more.
Due to these reasons,the paper notes and coins came as an evolutionary beginning so that such limitations didn’t prove a hurdle for trading of goods and services.
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