Know the Solution of Errors of Omission, Errors of Commission in a Brilliant Way

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What are errors of commission?

When a clerk puts a wrong entry in any of the following ways-

  • Wrong positioning of transaction.
  • Wrong balancing or wrong totaling of the accounts.
  • Casting gets wrong in the subsidiary books.
  • Wrong entry of the amount in the original entry of the book.

Then it is said to be errors of commission. Sometimes it is also known as double entry in personal account.

What is error of Omission?

In the case when transaction record is omitted and it gets committed while recording, then it is known as error of Omission. These are of two types-

  • A completely omitted transaction.
  • Partially omitted transaction.

When a transaction is not entered in any ways or omitted completely, then it is known as completely omitted transaction. In case any indication is there, suppose the clerk entered any thing as $, but forgot to put the money, then it is known as partially omitted transaction.

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