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What is OEE?

OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness management is the study in management that deals with how effectively or successfully a manufacturing procedure is used. Harrington Emerson process is important regarding labor efficiency. Comparison is taken place to know which manufacturing unit is perfect. OEE is also known as KPI or Key Performance indicator.

Planed production time requires to be measured on the percentage basis to know is it truly productive or not. If the OEE is 60% means the chances of development is there and it needs more forty percent. But, if you are determining OEE for a system as 100%, then it is completely perfect and it always manufactures quality products or equipment without failing the time.

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What are the measures related to the top-level?

The two top level-measures are-

  • Performance of an equipment relevant to its capacity and design.
  • OEE is measured with the help of TEEP or Total Effective Equipment Performance.

What are the four underlying metrics in OEE?

These are –

  • Availability.
  • Loading.
  • Quality.
  • Performance.

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What are the main factors of OEE Losses?

The following six are the main factors for losses as –

  • Planned Downtime.
  • Breakdowns.
  • Speed Loss.
  • Minor Stops.
  • Production Rejects.
  • Rejects on start up.

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