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What are repeated Games?

This is an extensive game form in the game theory. It consists of repetitions of a base game which is also known as a stage game. This stage game is a 2 person well-studied game. Repeated games show the idea which a player has to assume the current action they take, how that impacts future actions of rest of the players. Sometimes this impact is called reputation of his or her.

Infinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma

Some widely studied games of repetition are those games which have an infinite repetition.  For example, games of prisoner’s dilemma, the strategy which is preferred is not playing Nash strategy of stage game. Cooperating and playing strategy of socially optimum is preferred.  In a game which is infinitely repeated essential strategies include punishing the players if they deviate from cooperative strategy. Check out at myhomeworkhelp.com our equilibria of the infinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma assignment help for more information.

The punishment for deviating can be playing one strategy where payoff is reduced of both players for the game. This is called trigger strategy. A player can choose to be selfish to increase his or her reward instead of playing using the strategy of socially optimum.

But if it comes to light that a player is using trigger strategy then that player can expect to receive fewer payoffs in future if deviated at current stage. Trigger strategy when effective ensures that the cooperating strategy is more useful to players than being selfish and facing in future another player’s punishment.  Find more about this on equilibria of the infinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma assignment help.

Infinitely Versus Finitely Repeated Games

Repeated games are mainly classified into two categories depending on certain horizon. The horizon here is player’s belief of a number of repetition of stage game. It may be infinite or finite. Because of horizon being infinite players can play indefinitely.

A game which has which has finite repetition numbers may be considered having infinite horizon if both the players have no idea that how many repetitions can take place in the game. Know more about the differences of the two from our equilibria of the infinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma homework help.

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