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The enzymes are proteins having catalytic functions. These proteins are extremely important for activities of life.  Chemical reactions that occur in human beings are due to these catalytic functions. There are as many as many as 4000 different types of enzymes present in the body.

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How do enzymes function?

Environment where these enzymes function are extremely mild and this environment is very similar to the body environment. They support lives by both degrading as well as synthesizing materials that serve as building blocks of living organisms.

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Enzymes are basically biological molecules that help in speeding up the chemical reactions that occur in the body of organisms. They are extremely important and support both digestion as well as metabolism in the body. In order to support digestion these enzymes break larger molecules into smaller ones that are much easily absorbed by the body.

There are some other enzymes that combine two molecules in order to form a completely new molecule. They are catalysts that are highly selective. This means that each of these enzymes is only responsible for speeding up a particular reaction.

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Very small amount of enzymes are required in the process of chemical reactions

During chemical reactions there is a very less amount of enzymes that are involved. These enzymes can be actually used again and again to catalyze certain reactions. A typical enzyme molecule can convert as much as 1000 molecules each second. If the concentration of substrate increases then rate of enzymatic reactions also tend to increase. Then when it reaches maximum amount of speed then all enzyme molecules tend to get engaged in the process. The reaction rate depends on the amount of speed.

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