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Industries in their process of functioning causes damage to the environment in various ways. With increasing industrialization and urbanization, this concern is only growing day after day. As such, the Governments of all nations have set some protocols and rules which must be adhered to by industries for the overall well being ofthe community and for the protection of environment.

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Importance of environment protection measures:

Environment protection measures are enforced by law because it makes the industries take the matter seriously and then they perform according to the set norms and rules. With increasing pollution and several other environmental hazards like global warming, depletion of ozone air and others, it is necessary that every functioning organization keep in consideration the health of the environment.

Environment protection measures promote:

  • Recycling and reuse of waste byproducts.
  • Proper disposal of all kinds of wastes generated by industries.
  • Treated of smoke to remove harmful particles before they are released in the environment.
  • Treatment of waste water before they are released in natural water bodies.
  • Controlling noise pollution.
  • Absolute prevention from noise pollution near certain areas like schools and hospitals.
  • Taking special measures before disposing harmful chemicals.

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