English Grammar Homework Answers

English Grammar Assignment Answers

English Grammar Assignment Answers for Quick Learning of the Language

English is considered a tough subject. Well the truth is, English is not a subject, it is a language. If you learn it like a language, things are simple and the process becomes a pleasure.

However, there is another twist to the tale. Not everyone can teach you the language. Most of the people teach the subject – English Grammar. This makes it extremely difficult for students to handle English grammar assignment answers.

English Grammar to Begin With

English Grammar is broadly divided into two categories – syntax and semantics. Syntax deals with the sentence structure and subject verb usage. Semantics deals with the usage of words.

Syntax branch has various aspects which are intricate and complex. To master the subject, you need to understand the following components in detail:

  1. Parts of Speech
  2. Tenses
  3. Subject verb Agreement

Are English Grammar homework answers easy to handle? Yes, when you have the right guidance and right sources.

Understanding the Components

Parts of Speech: Parts of Speech contain the most critical aspects of Grammar. These are:

  • Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Interjections

The various Parts of Speech establish the relationship between various components and how they should behave in a particular set up.


Tenses explain situation of time being explained with the help of verbs. Verbs are totally dependent on verbs, and hence the entire process becomes little tricky. In fact Tenses happen to be the precise reason why most of the students struggle with English Grammar assignment answers.

Tenses are of three types: Past, Present and Future. Depending upon the reference of time involved, there are four forms used with every tense: Simple, Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous.

Subject Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement explains how a verb should behave or what form of verb should be used with Nouns. A verb has to agree with the subject, and in case of exceptions, there are few rules which have to be adhered to.

Most of the English Grammar homework answers will test your fluency in Subject verb agreement.

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