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A prologue to the theme

Employment law is concerned with welfare of the employees. The legislation targets at bringing about sustainable development of the employees. Human resource law on the other hand are linked up with the HR managers. They lay down guidelines for them to execute their job concerned with appointment, dismissal, employee welfare, and wages details and so on.

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A list of organisations related to human resource law

As a student of law, you should be aware of the organisations that are responsible of human resource law. In our Employment Law and Human Resources Homework Help we shall mention about them, although in the following we shall enlist a few:

  • EEC Compliance and Operations Divisions (EEOCO).
  • Office of Human Resource.
  • HR Policy Association.
  • Industrial Policy Association.
  • Institute for Research on Labour and Employment.

Employment law: its significance

Employment law emphasizes upon the standards that needs to be maintained in the workplace of employees. These laws not just keep a check on the employees but also lay down standards guiding principle for a company to ensure that its employees enjoy maximum benefit and vice versa.

These laws are verified and validated over the course of time using factsheets and survey reports. Students of law are expected to have a firm grip on these lawgiving. Employment Law and Human Resources Assignment Help of shall set up a mind map for you to follow.

Some connected facts

The failure by a firm to keep up to the expectations of the employment law is subjected to retribution. Although the magnitude and the order shall vary from one governing body to another, yet they are based on certain generalised norms and rules.

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