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What are Embedded Controllers?

Embedded controllers are those microcontrollers within the computers which take care of those tasks that are not taken care of by the operating system. It’s basically a device that performs Embedded Control. A system is run by the CPU and the CPU itself is built as an I/O system. Any general Personal computer can host the acquisition of data but the processor of the Embedded Controller strives to control the I/O and it lacks the Direct Human Interface unlike ordinary computers.

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Functions of an embedded controller:

There are several functions which a generic embedded controller is capable of performing and our Embedded Controller assignment Help team is here to tell you about them. They are:

  • Turning on or turning off the computer.
  • Controlling the access to the A20 line.
  • It can receive and process directions from the keyboard or from other switches connected to the system.
  • It can perform thermal measurement and therefore, respond accordingly by controlling the fan, CPU throttling or by performing emergency shutdown when required.
  • It can take care of the battery charger and the battery.
  • It can perform resetting of the CPU suggested by software.

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