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Since time immemorial, for ages and ages, the forces and energies in nature have aroused great interests in mankind. This interest is one of the key factors contributing to birth and development of physics. As all students know, a great deal of physics studies origin and properties of forces, hence classifying them is one of the important issues in this subject. In fact, the greatest unreached goal is to unify all forces to one origin as a theory or everything!

As of now, there are basically four classes of forces or interactions in physics, viz.

  1. Gravitational
  2. Electro-magnetic
  3. Strong
  4. Weak

Amongst them, it is evident that electro-magnetic forces refer to both electrical and magnetic forces, and can thus be further divided for sake of argument and common sense. These electrical interactions can further be divided into electrostatic interactions and electrodynamics.Hence, if asked to classify electrostatic force in any assignment, this will be one of your Electrostatics assignment answers.

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Firsts, you need to be clear about this that, electrostatics is the subject that deals with electrostatic forces, interactions, energies, etc.

In order to understand this topic better and get Electrostatics homework answers correctly, we need to get deeper into the origin of such forces. Any science student knows that atoms are comprised mainly of three different kinds of particles they are – electrons outside and, protons and neutrons at center. Each such particles has a properties associated with it, called charge whose unit is coulomb.

Neutron has 0 charge, Electron has equal and opposite charge as that of proton. Hence, when all atoms have same count of proton and electron then it makes the atom neutral in charge. Electrons are more mobile than the other particles.Hence transfer of charge refers to transfer of electrons mainly.

When electrons are so transferred, that an atom has unequal number of them with respect to protons, then the atom becomes charged. “Like charges repel” and “Opposite charges attract”. Based on these empirical rules, electrostatic forces of attraction and repulsion are generated. There empirical rules are quite important for getting Electrostatics assignment answers right.

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