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What is Electronic filter?

The circuit that works with signal processing and filters to remove those frequency components which are unwanted is known as Electronic Filter. So, it is very important to know the work processing for the exact resultant.

What are the various types of Electronic filters?

These are –

  • Active or Passive
  • Digital or analog
  • Low pass, high pass, band stop and band pass or similar all pass.
  • Continuous time and discrete time
  • Non-linear or linear
  • Finite impulsive or infinite impulsive response

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What are the various technologies?

  • Passive filters
  • Active filters

These are common types and can easily be demonstrated for the various functions. You must know about this. If you have any hesitation, then come and take the assistance of our homework solution.  

Some other technologies

There are some other technologies as are follows-

  • Digital filters
  • Quartz filters and piezoelectric
  • SAW filters
  • BAW filters
  • Garnet filters
  • Atomic filters

These are some uncommon technologies and must be known, but in case you are getting difficulties, then Electronic filter Assignment Help would be the best one for your support.

What are the various topologies?

These are as follows-

  • Cauer Topology
  • Sallen –key topology
  • Multiple feedback topology
  • State variable topology
  • Biquadratic topology

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