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Many students choose to learn engineering and there are many branches in the field of engineering. Electronic and communication engineering is a popular branch among the students. They select to go to this stream because they know that there are many opportunities for them.

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What is communication satellite?

Communication satellite is a kind of artificial satellite which amplifies the signal of radio telecommunications through a transponder. It can create a channel of communication between receiver and transmitter at various places on Earth. Students have to gather detail information about the electronic based satellite communication and at that time if they face any kind of problem they can tell us to get Electronic Based Satellite Communication System Homework Help support.

Use of the communication satellite:

These electronic based communication satellites are applied in various purposes such as radio, telephone, military application, internet and television. The most important thing is to get the clear idea about the use of satellite communication. With the help of this knowledge, they will be able to get success in their career. For doing so, they can experience our Electronic Based Satellite Communication System Homework Help guidance.

Classes of communication satellite:

Students learn about there are two types of communication satellites. These are passive and active.

  • Passive: These satellites reflect that signal arriving from its source to the receiver.
  • Active: These satellites help to amplify accepted signal before retransmitting to receiver.

Pupils like have to understand classification of communication satellite and for getting appropriate knowledge, you can collect Electronic Based Satellite Communication System Assignment Help guideline.

Satellite orbit:

Satellite orbits are:

  • Medium Earth orbit.
  • Geostationary orbit.
  • Low earth orbit.

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Different types of satellites:

  • Satellite constellation.
  • Low earth orbiting satellite.
  • Molniya satellites.

Services that satellite offers:

  • Broadcasting satellite service.
  • Fixed satellite service.
  • Meteorological-satellite service.
  • Mobile satellite service.
  • Amateur-satellite service.
  • Radio navigation-satellite service.

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