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Electromagnetism and the Real World. 5 Stunning Examples:

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You will be thrilled to know that the technology used for electromagnetism is quite different from magnetism. If you look quite close then there are certain hints that these are magnets that can be switched off and on with an outside involvement. As there are limitation with magnets that are suitable for attracting other objects and without any end to this process, it can create some problems when there are different types of usages are required.
Electromagnets are created by using electricity or current in short. The fun facts are that as these can switched off and on so does its power increases and decreases as the distribution of electric current or electricity varies.
Basic ideas on how they are made:
After learning about their amazing abilities I am sure you want to know about its creation. Do you know about the four fundamental forces of physics? Yes? Then you already know that one of them is commonly known to be the electromagnetism. Students are often taught both electric and magnetic differently. This is only because they are not similar in their nature. But when we are concentrating on electromagnetism then very shockingly they behave same as being the part of equal forces.
Here you must know that when protons and electrons are stationed then they generate electric power but as they start moving then it switches to magnetic fields. To create an electromagnet you will need wires that are coiled. That does all the work as electricity flows around that coiled wire, you will find an electromagnet. You can actually make a very powerful electromagnet by wrapping those coils around an original magnet and then starting this process.
Real life examples ready to amaze:
If you are an engineer student then it is already known to you how this electromagnetism is useful and applied in various fields. You are going to finds some common examples in medicine, construction and also the spacecrafts. But this is where I want to approach with some regular application of this fact in our daily life.

  • Electric fan giving us soothing air:

This is a general electric device available almost in any house. But do you know that the electromagnetism is working behind its amazing talent to provide soothing air to us? The motor that rotates is actually following all those principle rules found in this field. The name is electromagnetic induction that is responsible for the continuous action of rotating. That motor is connected with blades of that fan which also starts to rotate.
Although I wonÒ€ℒt be telling you that this was the only technology working behind it but mostly this was the case of that relaxing air coming down from the ceiling fan.

  • Knocking is old fashioned: electric door bells are here:

Who wants to knock at a door and wait for the party to come to their senses at last? Electric door bells are working just amazingly fine with the technology of electromagnetism. The door button is pressed and at that moment the coils are energized. This is because of the dual activities of electric and magnetic forces (electromagnetic field) which results in sounding that bell.

  • Hear them better with loudspeaker:

This is another amazing example of electromagnetic force working with its general principles. This is a device that is stationed in any business or important meeting or in those places where an announcement is necessary with loud voice. The voice which is heard by the speaker is channeled through coiled wires. The electromagnetic force amplifies the small and makes it big and clear voice that is easily heard from a long distance.

  • Modern door locks are safer:

You can hear this line quite frequently that modern door locks are safe and provides top security. This technology is applied in bank and safe boxes also. There are two ways by which this lock can perform. There are secret numbers or codes and there are cards that you may need to swipe. Either way the lock will work fine with.
In the card there are secret numbers put in the back. Those secret numbers are matched with the stored number keys when that card is swiped. If they match then your door open easily and if not then you know the answer.

  • Electronic storages are easy to use:

Who writes thing up nowadays? Things can be memorized with simple applications of memory chips and devices. I think everybody knows about a pen-drive. They may look small but the technology to store information or data inside them are just grand. The methods are to transform those data into bytes and that is by using the principles of electromagnetic forces. The computer hardware is based on this technology largely. But these are all new types of applications. In the past also same technologies are used for storing information in VCRs.
The electric current is thrown in the cathode tube and the process begins. But LCD TVs are not enlisted as they are using completely different technology just like plasma TV.
These examples may seem very unique now right? They might be doing things you want so easily but that are all thanks to this electromagnetism.
If you are a teacher and trying new and innovative 6 ways to set interesting homework for your students then you can actually choose this subject very easily. Engage your students as this involves science and tell them to find more real-life examples of electromagnetism. You can tell them to look for some online sources and homework helping websites also. They will provide enough knowledge on the right track. This is going to make an interesting homework journey for them.