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What is electricity?

Electricity is a series of physical phoneme that is connected with the flow and presence of electric charge. It offers a huge variety of known effects. These are static electricity, lightning, electric current and electromagnetic induction. It also permits the reception and creation of the electromagnetic radiation. When electrical engineering students want to know more about electricity, avail Electricity Assignment Help guideline.

Electricity occurs because of various kinds of physics:

  • Electric field: This is a kind of electromagnetic field created by electric charge.
  • Electric current: This is a movement of particles that are charged electrically.
  • Electric charge: This is a property of subatomic particles that help to determine electromagnetic interactions.
  • Electric potential: This is the ability of electric field for doing work on electric charge.
  • Electromagnets: Flowing charges create magnetic field.

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Use of the electricity in electrical engineering:

  • Electric power
  • Electronics

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