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Physics is a subject that a lot of students have trouble understanding. It is not easy to understand complex concepts like Electricity and Magnetism out of a text book. Here at, we urge you contact us for the most authentic Electricity and Magnetism homework help available online. All you have to do is give us a topic and we will give you a 100% plagiarism free, top quality assignment. Not only that, we will also explain the assignment to you in detail so that you understand every aspect of the work you are submitting.

What is Electricity?

Our Electricity and Magnetism assignment help will give you a clear definition of these concepts.

  • Electricity refers to any physical phenomenon that takes place as a result of the presence and flow of electric charges.
  • It occurs naturally in the form of lightning or static electricity but can also be produced and harnessed in the form of electric current and electromagnetic radiation.
  • All matter is made up of subatomic particles that are capable of becoming electrically charged when placed in an electromagnetic field. Charged atoms are called ions.
  • The movement, direction and flow of this electric charge is called electric current.

Your Electricity and Magnetism homework help must also include a thorough explanation of electric fields, electric potential and electric circuits.

What is Magnetism?

  • With the help of this Electricity and Magnetism assignment help, you will understand that magnetism is another physical phenomenon that is caused and governed by magnetic fields.
  • It refers to the flow and interaction of electrical charges that result in the attraction or repulsion of objects.
  • Magnetism occurs due to electric current or due to the spin magnetic moments of subatomic particles and the electric current and magnetic moment of elementary particles interact to produce these magnetic fields.
  • Most materials experience certain effects when exposed to a magnetic field. Barring permanent magnets, most materials can be temporarily magnetized. However most materials are either attracted to, repulsed or exhibits a spinning movement when exposed to a magnetic force.
  • There are a few non magnetic exceptions like copper, aluminium, gas and plastic that are unaffected by magnetic forces and fields.

Ensure that your Electricity and Magnetism homework help also gives you a clear understanding of magnetic force and electromagnets.

What is Electromagnetism?

  • In 1821 Orsted discovered the presence of a magnetic field around a wire that was conducting electric current. This was the first indication of a connection between the two concepts of electricity and magnetism.
  • Today, Electro magnetism is a complex branch of Physics that deals with the study of physical interactions between electrically charged elemental particles that result in an electro magnetic force. It is a branch of study that requires an understanding of both Electricity and Magnetism as it is an amalgamation of both areas of expertise.

With the help of this Electricity and Magnetism assignment help you should be able to understand all these theories easily.

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