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What is electrical network?

Electrical network is a kind of interconnection of electrical components, or it can be a model of interconnection that consists electrical elements. You can learn this clearly with Electrical network Homework Help guidance.

Classification of electrical network:

  • By passivity:

Here, students study about active and passive network.

Active network contains an active source.

Passive network does not contain an active source.

  • By linearity:

It follows the principle of superposition.

If you have any question related to these classifications, come to us and takeElectrical Circuit Homework Help guidance.

Classification of sources:

There are two types of sources. These are independent sources and dependent sources.

  • Independent sources:

Independent source maintains same voltage in the circuit. The strength of current is not transferred by any variation related to network.

  • Dependent sources:

Depended sources depend on an element of the circuit to deliver the voltage depending upon the source types.

The sources of the classifications are difficult to understand. You can avail Electrical network Assignment Help guidance.

Electrical laws:

There are many laws that can apply all types of electrical networks. These are:

  • Kirchhoff’s current law
  • Kirchhoff’s voltage law
  • Ohm’s law
  • Thevenin’s theorem
  • Norton’s theorem
  • Superposition theorem

All these complicated laws can be understood without any doubt if you have Electrical Circuit Homework Help guideline.

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