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Electrical elements are abstract conceptual elements that represent electrical components like capacitors, resistors and inductors. These components are used in analysing the electrical network or circuit. They do not have any physical existence but are used in representing real physical, electronic components. Students can get in-depth analysis of the various areas of these elements through our Electrical element/Discretes homework help service.

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Electrical elements are useful to study the circuitand understand various practical networks using electrical components.This helps in estimating the functioning of real network.All these topics will be covered in your project once you access our electrical element/Discretes assignment help.

Classifications of the elements:

The electrical elements can be categorisedinto three sections-

Based on terminals,

  1. One-port elements:

The one-port elements represent those simple components with only two terminals for connecting. To mention a few, inductances, capacitances, diodes and resistances are some examples.

  1. Multi-port elements:

Unlike the previous one, there are more than two terminals. These elements are connected through ports, multiple pairs of terminals. Most common examples are the two-port elements having four terminals.

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Second classification,

  1. Active elements:

These elements are capable of sourcing electrical power. For example – current sources, voltage sources.

  1. Passive elements:

Unlike active elements, passive ones do not have energy sources. Some examples are –resistances, inductances, capacitances, diodes.

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Third classification,

  1. Linear elements:

In these elements, the relationship between current and voltage is linear and they follow superposition principle. Electrical circuits that only have linear elements can be examined by Laplace transform technique and other powerful mathematical methods.

  1. Non-linear elements:

Unlike the above one, there is non-linear function between the relationship of voltage and current. It is hard to examine electrical circuits with non-linear elements. For example- diode.

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