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While getting into the depth of electric field, you will understand that it is a field that produces electric charge around it and the influence is being observed when another charge brought into that area where field exists.

Formula of electric field

It is necessary to be well-aware of formula so that you can easily understand the equation and perform well in exam. Electric field homework help will make sure that you have a good grasp on formula. The force F is experienced by electric charge represented by q which would create Electric field lines. The formula is expanded by:

  • E = F/q

In case q and Q are two different charges appear in space and it is separated by distance r. Then the electric force formula would turn out to be:

  • F =

While substituting the electric force formula along with above electric field formula, there is a possibility of getting.

  • E =

Electric field theory

While seeking for electric field homework help, you will come across with our experts who will teach you about the electric field formula that is usually used to find out the electric field of different point charge given in space. In case the Voltage V happens to be at given distance r then the formula would be measured in N/C.

  • E = V/r

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