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Some matters have a very specific physical property due to which they experience a certain pull when they are placed in an electromagnetic field. It is this physical property which is known as electric charge. The electric charge of a matter can either be positive or it can be negative.

How does a matter develop electric charge?

If the atoms of the matter have electrons in excess of protons, it will develop a negative charge. When the number of protons in the nucleus of the atoms is greater than the number of electrons in the shells around the nucleus, the body develops a positive charge. When the number of protons equals the number of electrons, the matter exhibits no charge, that is, it is neutral in charge. With Electric Charge and Electric Field homework help students can understand ideas better.

The like charges repel each other while the unlike or opposite charges attract each other. The unit used to measure electric charge is Coulomb.

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What is an electric field?

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At a given point, electric field can be defined as the vector force that would be experienced by a stationary particle of unit charge, forces which would be electromagnetic to be precise. The unit of Electric Field is Newton per Coulomb or Volts per metre.

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