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Demand elasticity is related to various economic variables that include prices of various goods as well as consumer income. In order to calculate demand elasticity you have to divide percentage change in the quantity of goods demanded by the change in percentage of any other economic variable. If there is high demand elasticity for an economic variable like income or price then it means that customers respond more to such changes.

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Various demand elasticity types

The most popular type of demand elasticity is the price elasticity of that demand. This can definitely be calculated by percentage change in the quantity of a particular product to the change in price of that product. Organizations try to collect data about how consumers react to price changes of a certain product. It is based on this data that the price of products is decided and profits are maximized. There is another kind of demand elasticity and this is well-known as cross-elasticity of demand. In order to calculate this you have to first find out percentage change in the demand for a particular product and then divide it by price changes of another product.

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What is demand elasticity curve?

The best way to find out if demand for a particular item for consumption is elastic, is by using demand elasticity. Quantity of a particular product demanded will be much more than the original price of that product. So, this curve will be lower as well as flatter than unique elastic curves.

Demand curve depends on demand schedule and price is one of the most important factors that help in determining demand. Demand curve helps you to understand how quantity of products changes according to price of the product. The entire demand curve is shifted if the quantity of demand changes.

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