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Elasticity covers a lot of things in economics. It is something which a student should know about when coming to topics related to it. Our elasticity of market supply homework help gets across the concept in easily with simple explanations and examples. It is something which should be clear to all students before they start doing their assignments or homework on this topic or topics related to it. Below we will define most of the things in brief.

What is Elasticity of Market Supply?

It is a measure which is used to show elasticity or responsiveness of quantity of service or product to change in the price of product or service. A zero elasticity shows that quantity which is supplied does not have any response to price change, its supply is “fixed.”Elasticity of market supply homework help explains this with a much more detailed explanation.

Factors which Affect Elasticity of Market Supply

Several factors affect elasticity of supplied goods and services like resource availability, innovative technology and a number of producers. Below the points are explained. For more materials on factors affecting supply elasticity check our elasticity of market supply homework help.

  1. Resource availability affects elasticity of supply in many ways. If a lot of scarce resources are being used in an economy for the production of a certain commodity or service, then a company will find it hard to increase that product or service’s supply in the market. Due to a scarcity of commodity or service, the price will increase. This is one way how supply elasticity is affected.
  1. It has been often observed that technological innovations or advancement also has an effect on supply elasticity in many industries. Innovation makes services or products more elastic. When some technological innovation takes place, efficiency in commodity and services’ production is the outcome. So when price increases output by greater factor also increases as the company after the innovation will for a lesser price input be able to create or produce more.
  2. A number of producers are another factor which affects elasticity of market supply. In an industry when fewer barriers are there for entering it becomes easier for organizations or companies to enter this industry and contribute to supply of commodities and services. With more producers, supply of products or services increases easily and thus makes elasticity of market supply more.

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