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The distribution of the public goods includes the process of two-stage production. In the first step, you can use the necessary inputs of capital and labor for producing the potentials. These result in the form of materials. In the second stage, outputs result from these potentials. The output can also get affected by other factors. It might also lead to biased inference about increasing the efficiency and productivity.

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Deriving demand of a public good

With efficiency and public goods assignment help, you will find different ways of determining the requirements for both private and public products. Hence, coming to the public property, you can follow the below steps

  • Determining the demand.
  • An individual gains marginal benefits for a product when the total benefit increases from the one unit of growth in the product. Hence, the aggregate demand is the summation of each product of the individual.
  • If the level of goods increases, then it also increases the marginal benefits.
  • You have to define a demand curve for the marginal benefits which includes the vertical sum of all individual curves.
  • The curves help in explaining the willingness to pay for the product.
  • Hence, the efficient quantity of the public good deducts the total benefits from total costs resulting in the equal amount of marginal benefits and costs.

Determining efficiency of public goods

After you know how to find the demand for public property, you can now figure out the efficiency. To get detail explanation for this topic, you can refer to efficiency and public goods homework help.

  • While determining the demand for the products, we know that the demand curve and marginal benefit curve are equal. Hence, we need to determine the supply curve.
  • The law of diminishing returns states that the increasing quantity of production of goods increases the marginal cost curve. Hence, the supply curve is equal to the marginal cost curve.
  • Hence, the efficiency for public good occurs if the society’s marginal benefit equals to the provider’s minimal cost. In that case, these two curves intersect with each other. It will happen when there is an efficient allocation of resources.

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