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What is the Economics of Legal Issues?

Economics of Legal Issues means the theories in economics that are used to analyze a law. Basically, these theories are based on microeconomic theory. Moreover, the various concepts of Economics, which are utilized to demonstrate the law effect and to judge that which legal regulations are economically efficient. Moreover, it also explains about the laws which are need to be promulgated.

What are the various Economic Analysis related to Law?

There are two different categories of economic analysis as-

  • Positive Law and Economics.
  • Normative Law of Economics.

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What are the Criticisms of Economics of Legal issues?

The criticisms are as follows-

  • Rational Choice Theory.
  • Pareto Efficiency.
  • Responses.

What are the various global organizations related to Law of Economic ?

  • American Law and Economic Associatoin.
  • CEA or Canadian Economics Association.
  • Economic Policy Institute or EPI.
  • European Association of Law and Economics.
  • United Nations Economic and Social Council.

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